The Boss Restaurant – Metropolis at Metrotown

My companion was very enthusiastic about eating at The Boss, she even said if she worked at Metrotown she could eat here everyday, having heard that, I expected a great darn meal.

It was around 2PM on Sunday, and the place was packed full. Again, this raised my expectations.

The menu offered typical Hong Kong styled cuisines. A lot of it was very tempting, but since it was my first meal of the day, I went for the breakfast combo, which was served all day. My companion ordered a XO sauce fried noodles, which was priced $8.25 with a drink. Both seemed like a good deal, and compared to HK restaurants, the prices seem to be on the lower side.




When the food came, I realized that the portions were ridiculously small. The breakfast was acceptable, but the fried noodles were disappointing. First of all, if the portions were meant to be that small, then don’t bother using a big plate. Secondly, if the plates were meant to be that big, then don’t bother giving small portions.

The main appeal of The Boss seems to be that it is the only restaurant of its kind in the area, and with the large Chinese populace its easy to understand why it’s so packed.


The Boss Restaurant 大班餐廳餅店 on Urbanspoon


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