Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot – Lansdowne Centre

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot is a famous chain of hot pot restaurants. As far as I know, Little Sheep has restaurants and food products (found in supermarkets) found all over the world. This should explain why this place is always packed with people.

I will be doing a lot of comparing, mainly with Claypot and Toyotomi. The reason for this change of format is that it’s difficult to rate the food, and it’s a waste a time to go all jargony on food terminology.

1. Price – $20 for All you can eat (excluding drinks, sour plum juice gets free refills). The menu is a little small, compared to Claypot and Toyotomi, yet the price is on par with the others. Basically, in terms of value, I would prefer the other two.

2. Decor – The place is well furnished, clean and actually very comfortable. Most hotpot places are simple, while it doesn’t give a good feel of hygiene. Little Sheep is a notch above most hotpot joints in this aspect, but comes short compared to Toyotomi.

There is also a station where you can get your own sauces. Though it is very convenient, you will wonder if it is the best (or most hygienic) method. The sauces are open without cover, and who knows for how long during the day. Of course, it might be placed the same way in the open in kitchen otherwise. But seeing it out in the open gives a sense of discomfort.

3. Soup – The soup base is one of the best I have tasted ever in a hotpot restaurant. It was very rich in flavor that I found it was unnecessary to add soy sauce or other sauces at all. I was tempted afterwards to visit the supermarket to buy some Little Sheep brand soup base for hotpot at home.

4. Food – I thought the Claypot meat was fresher and more tender. But my opinion ends there, everything else seems to be the same as any other place.


Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot (Richmond) 小肥羊 on Urbanspoon


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