Pearl Castle – Continental Square

Pearl Castle is a franchise, and like its counterparts, is always packed, at all hours. People come here for lunch, dinner and even late night. Like other bubble tea joints, Pearl Castle offers Taiwanese cuisine and a wide variety of drinks.

Personal hot pots are now a hit in bubble tea joints and Pearl Castle has their own version of hot pots on the menu. As you can see from the picture above, the portions of rice is big, and it comes with dessert, but the food in the pot is scarce. It is disappointing, as it tasted quite well, but again, the portions were wildly small.



The hot pots were disappointing, but do go for the Taiwanese dishes. This Taiwanese Sausage is a delicacy, and has been one of my favorite Taiwanese foods for a long time. Taiwan sausage is crispy on the outside, and the meat holds a different texture than the sausages we know. The taste is a lot stronger too, when compared to “western sausages”.  I recommend you try it, and definitely make it a meal, for it goes great with rice.

The drinks, are drinks. There is nothing special I can tell you about it. In fact, with so many places with bubble tea choices in Vancouver, I’ve really become numb towards green tea, milk tea, etc. and I’m unable to rate the good/bad about these drinks.

A meal at Pearl Castle (and many other bubble tea joints) usually come at around $15 per person ($10 for the food, $5 for the drink). It’s decent for this price, but of course there are a lot of cheaper alternatives out there.

Pearl Castle Café 圓香生活餐飲 (Sexsmith) on Urbanspoon


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