Steveston Pizza Co – Steveston


Steveston is a great place to visit, especially during the summer season. The small town located on the coast of Richmond hosts a variety of delicious and unique cuisines. Among them, is Steveston Pizza Co, famous for it’s pizza with a unique combination of toppings.

Their naming scheme for pizzas is unique, and it’s quite creative. Take some time to read through the menu, they offer a great variety of unique toppings, combinations which can’t be found elsewhere.


There are no seats/tables inside this small pizza joint, it’s takeout only. So we grabbed some old-school style glass cokes, along with a Water pizza (Shrimp, snow crab and basil pesto), and sat on the water side for the meal.

The toppings on the pizza was very fresh, and the pizza in whole was well made. The pizza was very naturally flavored, with not much artificial taste to it, I don’t know how to elaborate on this thought, maybe other pizza places use more MSG or flavoring (I don’t really know what I’m talking about here, but perhaps I got this feeling because of the natural setting).

Overall, the pizza was very good, and even though our time on the pier was ruined by mosquitoes, it was still very nice and fun. Please do visit Steveston during the summer time, it’ll be a pleasant experience for all.

Steveston Pizza Co. on Urbanspoon


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